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How To Trap A Raccoon

Raccoons may be frightened by our gardens but can become very aggressive when a female is shielding her litter. They’ve been known to inflict wounds on large dogs which were fatal.

Raccoons like skunks can be quite destructive to lawns and gardens because of their constant grubbing searching for their food source. A raccoon can split a big field of sod overnight because of grubbing. In this situation, you can call raccoon removal Los Angeles servicesand get rid of this mess.

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Raccoons often get access to attics, basements, and crawl spaces by forcing something to lose. They are quite smart animals and will surprise many homeowners regarding what they’re capable of doing. The female raccoon readily invades loft spaces to birth and wean her litters of pups.

Raccoons are infested with ticks and fleas and easily cause a secondary issue for the homeowner and their pets.

Assessing raccoons and skunks can be achieved by a couple of different manners, habitat modification, mechanical control, and trapping. Reducing food source as far as possible will assist with raccoons, skunks, and opossums. Pet food containers and dishes should be brought in and or lids secured tightly. Bird feeders are also an attractant for raccoons. Lids in your garbage can should be procured.

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