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Why you need a Buyer’s Agent

A guide to help you find your home.

It's time to house hunt and get ready for the jungle that awaits.  Mountains of paperwork, competition for the same property, auctions on the weekends, endless phone calls and rejections, the list goes on before any keys fall into your hand. It is without a doubt one of the more stressful things you will encounter in your life.  A Buyers Agent can alleviate all of the above mentioned. Having a professional who works on a best efforts basis, whereby he/she gets paid when you get what you want is invaluable.

Many people get confused with so many kinds of agents, you have:

Buyer’s agent

Listing Agents

Seller's Agents and so on…

In this case, let's keep it simple you are a buyer, so let's take a look at what a buyer’s agent does for you and also how they deal with the others.

A buyer’s agent is there for you from day one right through until completion, saving you the paperwork and headaches mentioned at the start.

An agent will thoroughly interview you with all kinds of questions before going out and starting to work for you, so they know from the start what industry contacts and other interlinked agents they will call upon to get the ballpark of what you want.

A good agent knows their territory like an animal in the wild.  They have local knowledge, and most importantly know price points, so that you do not overcapitalise close to closure. They even know of properties through their network of connections that haven't even got listed on the market yet, less competition means a more comfortable purchase for the client. Click here if you are looking for a buyers agent braidwood.

.They Negotiate the offer

.Assist with the paperwork

.Recommend other professionals (attorneys, movers, home inspectors etc.)

.Help overcome setbacks.

If a home inspector's report finds issues, a buyer's agent can act as a buffer between you and the sellers if negotiations become a little heated; it's invaluable to have one by your side through this process.

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