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What to Consider When Building a Web Form

5 Aspects Toronto Web Design Companies Should Consider While Designing Web Forms

Forms are an integral part of your website, used for anything from ordering to contacting. Thus, it is necessary for Toronto web design companies to take the required steps to simplify forms on your site so that visitors can easily use them. Let’s us go through the important aspects web designers should focus on while forms are being designed.

Aspects to Consider While Designing Web Forms

Fields and Their SizesToronto web design companies

Forms will have better readability if the size of fields is decided according to input that will be entered in those fields. For example, it will be better if 100% width is not allocated for field in which user has to enter the postal code. The better thing to do will be to keep width of fields according to value expected in those fields.


Input Format

Data can be entered in a form by users in different formats. For example, while entering phone number, visitors may well include area and country codes, or just provide the phone number. It will be the responsibility of Toronto web design companies to make it clear how data is to be entered in any specific field. Additionally, designers may well accept input as provided by a user and perform required formatting to suit your needs.

Validation of Data

Toronto web design companies should avoid certain validation procedures that tend to be quite annoying for visitors. For instance, if a notification message pops up (about wrong entry) right after information is entered in a field then it will distract user's attention.

The better thing to do will be to display a brief message about the error and let visitor fill out the form. Afterwards, when the form is submitted, a pop-up message can be shown to inform the user about any errors on the form which need to be rectified before submitting.

Show or Hide Fields

It is possible that data entered in a specific field will depend upon values entered in another field, or that another field is only available in certain situations. For instance, it may be necessary to provide a separate delivery address field in case the user has a different delivery address from their billing address.

Designers should keep the delivery address field hidden and make it visible in case the user is interested in adding a distinct delivery address.

Ask for Minimal Input

Long forms with a lot of unnecessary fields increase complexity of such forms and take users away from those forms, which may well result in drop in conversions the site is able to achieve.

Thus, Toronto web design companies need to thoroughly analyze the forms and remove fields which are not necessary.

A Final Note

We will conclude here with a final note that you can expect to see higher conversions if there are simple to use web forms present on the website. 

By looking into above mentioned aspects you will be able to create forms which are easy for users to understand and fill up properly.


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